Bluescope Steel


Noise TestingZero Community Disturbances

Environmental noise has the potential to adversely affect local communities. Direct effects from environmental noise can include sleep disturbance and annoyance, while indirectly it can have a long term effect on physical and mental health.

BlueScope Steel aspires to eliminate environmental noise from process disturbances. We also aim to continually reduce environmental noise generated as a result of ongoing operations so any noise generated does not disturb local communities.

Current controls

BlueScope has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce noise from operations for the health and safety of employees and the community. These include:

  • Conducting operations in industrial rather than residential locations.
  • Proactive monitoring of noise levels in the community.
  • Ensuring operating hours are compatible with the local area.
  • Installation of noise reduction equipment, for example silencers and enclosures.
  • Incorporating noise limitations in selection criteria for new equipment.
  • Track, manage and follow up on community complaints.


There have been zero regulatory non-compliances relating to noise over the past two decades.