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Environmental InvestmentsEnvironmental Investments

Environmental Investments

Port Kembla Sinter machine emissions reduction project to reduce gas and dust emissions resulting in cleaner air. $94 million
Gypsum plant reduction and conversion of SO2 emissions for use in the cement industry. $9 million
Water recycling program at Port Kembla plant, in partnership with Sydney Water, saving up to 20 megalitres of drinking water per day. Approx $350,00
Cokemaking project to reduce organic emissions. $2 million
Wind blown dust control in recycling area revegetation. $3 million
Port Kembla 33kV electrical distribution system protection project. $23.4 million
Western Port Optimisation of Paint Line No2 (CPL2) ovens to reduce natural gas consumption and greenhouse emissions. $150,000
Water recycling program to reduce fresh water consumption by over 60%, co-funded by BlueScope Steel, the Victorian government and South East Water. $21 million shared cost
New Zealand Steel Waikato North Head ironsands attritioner to reduce clay slimes disposed to landfill. $3.3 million
Dust minimisation projects, including sealing of roads and storage areas, resulting in reduced dust and improved water discharge quality. $5 million
New baghouse in Hollow Sections Galvanising Pipe Plant to reduce air emissions. $1.5 million
Fish pass at Taharoa Ironsand Mine to provide continued access to Taharoa Lakes for breeding fish $1.13 million
North Star BlueScope Steel New baghouse installed, improving air quality within the plant. US$43.5 million
Energy efficiency project to improve furnace efficiency and minimise power usage. US$9 million
Steelscape New clarifier and sand filter reduces iron discharge by about 50% and chemical use. US$300,000
Visalia, California Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) capture and oxidation to reduce air emissions. US$750,000

* Projects committed, underway or completed.